Thursday, May 31, 2012


 Before starting this entry I would like to say 'twas a disappointing loss for the Celtics yesterday.  It was, however, a great improvement from Monday's game and I'm hoping Rondo still has enough energy left after his godly performance.

Went to Kailua today to have an acai bowl, again, but before that we stopped at the Salvation Army store.  I found a beautiful vintage floral dress, but remembered I put myself on a buying ban.  Because it was cheap, and because he loves me, of course, Tim bought it for me:)  So my ban still continues!  I will probably use it in a future WIWT/OOTD post.  Afterwards we walked to Lanikai Juice where we had our acai bowls, which was delicious; much better than Jamba Juice.  They were also doing a story for Kau Kau magazine so there was a photographer taking pictures of some customers with their kids.  They were too cute!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Oh, you know, just a WIWT post

This is what I wore today.  We stopped by Makiki Park for about five minutes to take these.  Didn't do much except buy some new multivitamins that specialize in energy and metabolism.  Not sure if the supplements I was taking gave a boost of energy, but we'll see how this goes.  I did have my first acai bowl today from Jamba Juice.  I normally don't like berry smoothies or drinks, but it was delicious.  It will definitely be one of my go-to's for lunch.  While eating my acai bowl I realized that this is a year of firsts.  I'm glad I'm learning to let me guard down and try new things without being afraid of what it's gonna taste like or what people will think of me; this blog being one of them.

Almost forgot, I also decided to add one thing to my list of goals.  By the end of 2012 I would like to be able to eat cooked fish.  This might not be a big deal for any of you, but it is for me.  I never really preferred the taste of seafood and stopped eating it when I was probably 9.  I guess I'm not a "taste of the ocean" kind of girl, but I'm trying:)


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer Has Unofficially Begun!

 While I am typing this I am still recovering from a brunch earlier today at the Hawaii Prince Hotel.  I had five plates of food and my stomach is still angry with me, but for $47 per person, it was necessary that I stuff my face.  My family and I were celebrating my grandparents 57th wedding anniversary there and my auntie was nice enough to pay for everyone:)  This brunch did not help my healthy food diet that I am trying to go on, which started today, but I stayed away from all of the unhealthy foods, aside from 1/4 of a piece of prime rib.  Oh, and this has nothing to do with anything I'm writing, but the Celtics are going to the Eastern conference finals!
Anyway, yesterday I brought my camera out to Hawaii Kai.  It was kind of windy and nice to see lots of sailboats on the water.  In the evening we stopped by 50th State Fair so I could test my camera's ISO.  I am not a photographer or anything, but playing with the different camera settings was definitely fun.  Maybe it wasn't worth the $5 parking or $10 admission (for both me and Tim), but we liked it.

Little hula dancers at Kahala Mall

Not sure what this week has in store for me.  As of tomorrow I have exactly two weeks before my full-time internship.  I actually can't wait to start, that is my bank account can't wait for me to start, hehe.  Have a great Memorial Day; summer has unofficially begun!
More photos after the jump.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Caution-Fall Exposure-Injury May Result

Went to Aloha Tower while we waited for my boyfriend's dad to finish with his dentist appointment at Restaurant Row.  It was about 9:30 in the morning so everything was closed besides Island Vintage Coffee.  Since that was the case we spend our time walking around the dock area and sitting in the center dining court.  I don't come here often, but it was so peaceful.  No busy tourist crowds, no noisy teenagers; it was actually quite serene.  I don't think this is the case as the day goes on though.  We might have to do it again, but bring our own food next time.  I haven't been taking many pictures over the past few days as the summer sun and humidity have been making me feel sloppy, but I won't succumb to it anymore. 

Oh, I almost forgot.  This is a list of goals I made the other day that I would like to complete by the end of 2012.  I actually wrote them down on a notepad and will be hanging them on my wall and everywhere I can because I feel like if I see them physically, it will motivate me even more.

Goals to complete by 2012
1- Learn all Hiraganas & Katakanas
2- Save at least $5,000 
3- Lease a new car
4- Graduate college!
5- Do a cartwheel
6- Control spending
7- Pay off at least one credit card

Have a lovely day!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

For those of you interested in the eccentric, wacky styles of the Japanese, visit  The thing that I love about Japanese style is anything goes.  You can be a Harajuku girl, lolita, rockabilly/punk, Ganguro, or Gyaru girl and even though you stand out of the crowd, no one treats you like you're a second rate citizen.  Upon visiting Tokyo last year, a few months after the earthquake, I experienced first hand the hospitality and respect the Japanese extend to foreigners and residents alike.  I can't wait to visit again and hope to work in the fashion/retail industry in the coming years.

Going back to Tokyo Fashion, the blog is based in Harajuku so a majority of its street photos come from this area.  However, this site doesn't just have street photos, it also has articles and pop-up shops in the states, and even Japanese styles in other parts of the world (lolita style in Mexico).  I find it very interesting, and although I don't dress this way, I love looking at the different creations stylish teens come up with.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yay for Beach Day!

Hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday!  It's only been a little over a week since the semester ended and I am already getting my days mixed up.  I kept thinking today was Monday...oh well.  I am sure it will all be put back into perspective once my full-time internship starts.  I am excited for it to start, but I am more excited to shop for work clothes!  In order to get my mind off of spending money, we have been trying to do free activities.  Yesterday me, Tim, and a friend drove out to KoOlina.  I haven't been out here to go to the lagoons since high school so it was nice to be back.  It is a beautiful beach and great for children because there are absolutely no waves.  I use to be able to scoop my hands in the wet sand and find hermit crabs easily, but unfortunately that wasn't the case yesterday.  There were a lot of friendly fish though.  Afterwards, we drove back into town to get a late lunch at Islands and watch the games.  Hooray for the Celtics!

Here are some photos from the beach!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

No Cable Makes a Sad Rod

Playing around in T&C Surf
 Hi Everyone,
 So the cable in my area is out.  This has been the second time in a week I've had problems with it, and normally I wouldn't mind, but it's playoff season!!  I was just about to catch up with the Clippers/Spurs game during half time and then it started spazzing out on me before completely shutting off.  Anyway, regarding the playoffs, my boyfriend and I had a lengthy conversation about this season last night over dinner (because they were replaying yesterday's Clipper game at the bar).  For some reason, I haven't paid attention to the Spurs and have found them quite boring actually.  Maybe it's because of their boring black jerseys.  Anywho, every time there is a game, I completely forget the Spurs are even in the playoffs and haven't really seen them as a contender for the Western championships, or finals for that matter, until this round.  Needless to say, I will be watching them very closely from now on...if only my cable went on!
But enough about basketball, today I walked around Ala Moana and played dress up with some baseball caps and fedoras.  I really wanted to buy one (not the giraffe one), three actually, but with my ban on buying unnecessary clothing or accessories I couldn't.  I actually had to reassess what my meaning of unnecessary was, and then realized I shouldn't get them, even if they could be charged on a credit card.  That was so unlike me; I definitely surprised myself, in a good way.
Ps. In the process of writing this my cable went back on, but it's still glitchy...better than nothing!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hooray for Lychee Season!

 Spent the day on my home turf of Chinatown.  Funny to say I live here, but I never walk around the area.  The outfit I wore was breathable, but it was still incredibly hot.  I should have worn sunscreen, but I hate the smell.  I should fine one with a bearable scent...or none at all, if it exists.  I've been wondering whether I have skin cancer because I've been getting weird spots on my arms, but it may be my hypochondriacal (I still don't know if this is a word) tendencies again.  Does anyone know anything about skin cancer? 


My lychee picking

Pig feet...sounds appetizing...

Admiring the catfish tanks
Peeling ginger
Anyway, I especially went to the marketplace because it's lychee season and I'm tired of eating the lychee jellies from Don Quijote.  I want real fruit so I bought some and it's safe to say they were extremely meaty and delicious; much better than the substitute.  I may have to grab a whole bag next time.  Tim and I had pizza from Rosarina's on Maunakea afterwards.  Interestingly enough, throughout my childhood I have always passed here, but never stopped in.  Glad we did today because their food has tons of cheese, and everyone knows I love my cheese.

 Have a great rest of the weekend! More photos after the jump!