Wednesday, May 23, 2012

For those of you interested in the eccentric, wacky styles of the Japanese, visit  The thing that I love about Japanese style is anything goes.  You can be a Harajuku girl, lolita, rockabilly/punk, Ganguro, or Gyaru girl and even though you stand out of the crowd, no one treats you like you're a second rate citizen.  Upon visiting Tokyo last year, a few months after the earthquake, I experienced first hand the hospitality and respect the Japanese extend to foreigners and residents alike.  I can't wait to visit again and hope to work in the fashion/retail industry in the coming years.

Going back to Tokyo Fashion, the blog is based in Harajuku so a majority of its street photos come from this area.  However, this site doesn't just have street photos, it also has articles and pop-up shops in the states, and even Japanese styles in other parts of the world (lolita style in Mexico).  I find it very interesting, and although I don't dress this way, I love looking at the different creations stylish teens come up with.