Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Vintage T-shirt

I just purchased myself a Beatles shirt and I suggest you do the same.  And if the Beatles aren't your thing any vintage or band tee will do because the vintage t-shirt trend is back on!


Monday, June 18, 2012

Full Speed Ahead

Glazers: Caramel latte, hazelnut mocha
  Hi again!  Yesterday, while I was at my grandma and grandpa's house my aunty called in from Boston.  She's also in the industry so I told her about my internship and she gave me great advice and really inspired me to do whatever I can as far as research and personal projects go.  I currently follow fashion blogs and try to keep myself updated on trend reports and fashion news, but working on my own projects, like this blog can really open my eyes to things that otherwise might go unnoticed.
Coat & loafers from Banana Republic, tank by Rubbish, shorts by Volcom
Curry udon with spam musubi

Kamaage udon
 So anyway, today Tim and I stopped off for some morning coffee at Glazer's.  I ordered a hazelnut mocha and it was delicious!  I don't drink caffeine, but after today I might give in.  After staying to read the latest issue of Honolulu Weekly (there was a very interesting article on tattoos called "The Human Canvas" and I hope to make it to the exhibit before it ends in January), we headed to Waikiki for some Marukame Udon.  It's been a while since we've been here.  In my opinion, they have the best, cheapest udon (you can watch them make their noodles in the restaurant) and there is always, always, always a long line outside; even before opening.  If you are ever in Waikiki I suggest you try it.  It's located on Kuhio Avenue right across Duke's Lane.  Along the way I snapped photos of window displays I thought were interesting, but we didn't have much time to walk around so I'll probably be back to the strip soon.  We stopped at the Forever 21 before heading back.  I must say this has got to be my favorite F21 in the state (I don't really shop there often though) because of it's neat, well merchandised floors.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

In Real Life

 Hi Everyone!
 I'm back:) For a little bit.  It has been such a busy week and I thank those of you that visited my page even with my lack of updates.  I have reached over 1000 views, so thanks.  This week was my first week interning at Macy's and it is so rewarding to be one on one with customers and give them styling advice, but at the same time grueling.  I don't know if sales management is something that I want to do in the future.  The experience, however, is well received and I am learning very much.  I am exhausted and so happy to have today and tomorrow off.  This week was mostly about logistics, learning protocol, and the POS system, and I was able to get out on the floor for the One Day Sale, which was out of control.  Glad that's over with.  What's funny is, because I have to constantly smile and greet customers, once I am on break or off work, I can't snap out of it and smile at people in the mall for no reason.  They probably think I'm crazy, heh.

So this week, my family and I celebrated Father's Day at Morton's Steakhouse on Wednesday because we didn't really have the time and Friday or Saturday and my dad didn't want to go tonight because it would be too busy.  It was absolutely delicious and dinner and desser is mostly what this post's photos are comprised of.  So all in all, it has been a successful week...just seven more 40 hour weeks to go before I complete the internship and I am literally counting the days (35 left to be exact).

 Have a great week and Happy Father's Day to all you fathers, grandfathers, and godfathers out there!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

To Infinity and Beyond

 Hi Everyone!
This is my last post before my internship starts tomorrow so please excuse me if my updates are sporadic or non-existent, but I hope this is not the case.  I am very nervous about tomorrow, but also excited to begin the hours for my internship class.  Once this internship is over I will be that much closer to graduation.

On to a different topic...yesterday was me and Tim's 8th year anniversary.  It seriously doesn't seem that long, but I am thankful for every moment we share together.  We started the day in Kahuku at Giovanni's to have garlic shrimp.  I had a garlic hot dog with rice since I don't eat seafood, but it was delicious!  I love me some garlic.  We continued on Kam Hwy to Kaneohe and Kailua before finally heading back into town, but not without stopping for a few photos.  Other photos were taken while on the road, so I apologize for the lack of balance.  I had to delete a bunch because they were not so nice.


So in the case that I don't get on here as often as I'd like, I'd like to wish you all a fun-filled and safe summer!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

2013 Resort

Today I stumbled upon Resort 2013 collections from NYmag.com and Spent my time going through about a dozen of them.  There were a few I liked, but a lot of them were not my taste.  I loved the collections by Alice by Temperley and Temperley London.  Alice by Temperley is made with the younger customer in mind as many of their pieces were cute and flirty and made with patterns and textures for the younger generation whereas Temperley London's collection uses bolder, brighter colors with demure sillouhettes.  My favorite collection by far was Burberry's.  It was a little bit dark for a resort collection, but I enjoyed the slim silhouette of each piece.  BCBG Max Azria rounded out my top 4.  Max Azria, to me, really embodied the feel of what a resort collection should be, with its kaftans and sporty dresses.  This paired with bolds, neons, and mixed patterns made me want each piece for the beach!

Of the collections that I viewed I noticed bold and muted color choices, the sporty and tailored suit trends, but a big chunk of pieces were influenced by the 1950s "Madmen" style.  I, personally, am getting a little tired of this look, but I guess designers aren't.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite looks:

Alice by Temperley

Temperley London
BCBG MaxAzria

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Haleiwa Fun (and more)

 I apologize in advance if this post is not cohesive, but I have many photos and lots of things to say.  Yesterday Tim and I drove to Haleiwa to get our fix of Kono's and Matsumoto's Shave Ice.  It was also his last day off before I start working full-time and who knows when we'll have another full day off together so I guess you could call it an adventure day.  Lunch was great, as usual, and Matsumoto's was delicious.  I don't think I've had shave ice in over six months.  I learned in an English in Hawaii class two semesters back that shave ice is called different things in different places.  On most places in the mainland (Continental US) it's called "snow cone," on Oahu it's called "shave ice," and on the Big Island it's called "ice shave."  We had strawberry, lime, and vanilla covered in condensed milk (always!).

Ok, switching to something different, I received an exciting email yesterday about my internship, but I won't mention anything until the date gets closer.  I still haven't received a call or email from my Macy's store regarding the first day so I will probably have to contact my recruiter tomorrow.  Hope everything runs smoothly.  This is just the outfit I wore today:


Didn't do much today except buy some fruits for breakfast and snack time, but, oh yeah, the Boston Celtics have won game 5 of the series!  I am so stoked and I don 't want to sound too confident, but game 6 is in Boston so you figure out the rest...

Happy Tuesday! 

*Update, in the process of writing this I got the call I was waiting for from Macy's:)

Photo of the Day: Tokyofashion.com

Sunday, June 3, 2012

First Friday

Spent my Friday evening in downtown for First Friday.  A few years ago First Fridays was all about art gallery openings, live art, martial arts, and things of that nature, but the scene has changed.  I went pretty often until the crowd changed, then I was kind of turned off by the types of people that were showing up to events.  We went back for the month of May, had a blast, and decided to go for June.  A majority of the bars are on Hotel St., but we almost always end up at Soho (Mixed Media Bar) because the music is usually better, in the side room.  Although it's a different set of people, I learned to ignore the arrogant drunktards and just dance.  Here are some photos from that night.

More photos after the jump