Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer Has Unofficially Begun!

 While I am typing this I am still recovering from a brunch earlier today at the Hawaii Prince Hotel.  I had five plates of food and my stomach is still angry with me, but for $47 per person, it was necessary that I stuff my face.  My family and I were celebrating my grandparents 57th wedding anniversary there and my auntie was nice enough to pay for everyone:)  This brunch did not help my healthy food diet that I am trying to go on, which started today, but I stayed away from all of the unhealthy foods, aside from 1/4 of a piece of prime rib.  Oh, and this has nothing to do with anything I'm writing, but the Celtics are going to the Eastern conference finals!
Anyway, yesterday I brought my camera out to Hawaii Kai.  It was kind of windy and nice to see lots of sailboats on the water.  In the evening we stopped by 50th State Fair so I could test my camera's ISO.  I am not a photographer or anything, but playing with the different camera settings was definitely fun.  Maybe it wasn't worth the $5 parking or $10 admission (for both me and Tim), but we liked it.

Little hula dancers at Kahala Mall

Not sure what this week has in store for me.  As of tomorrow I have exactly two weeks before my full-time internship.  I actually can't wait to start, that is my bank account can't wait for me to start, hehe.  Have a great Memorial Day; summer has unofficially begun!
More photos after the jump.
The most best-dressed couple we saw all night

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