Sunday, May 20, 2012

No Cable Makes a Sad Rod

Playing around in T&C Surf
 Hi Everyone,
 So the cable in my area is out.  This has been the second time in a week I've had problems with it, and normally I wouldn't mind, but it's playoff season!!  I was just about to catch up with the Clippers/Spurs game during half time and then it started spazzing out on me before completely shutting off.  Anyway, regarding the playoffs, my boyfriend and I had a lengthy conversation about this season last night over dinner (because they were replaying yesterday's Clipper game at the bar).  For some reason, I haven't paid attention to the Spurs and have found them quite boring actually.  Maybe it's because of their boring black jerseys.  Anywho, every time there is a game, I completely forget the Spurs are even in the playoffs and haven't really seen them as a contender for the Western championships, or finals for that matter, until this round.  Needless to say, I will be watching them very closely from now on...if only my cable went on!
But enough about basketball, today I walked around Ala Moana and played dress up with some baseball caps and fedoras.  I really wanted to buy one (not the giraffe one), three actually, but with my ban on buying unnecessary clothing or accessories I couldn't.  I actually had to reassess what my meaning of unnecessary was, and then realized I shouldn't get them, even if they could be charged on a credit card.  That was so unlike me; I definitely surprised myself, in a good way.
Ps. In the process of writing this my cable went back on, but it's still glitchy...better than nothing!

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