Wednesday, February 27, 2013

LA Photo Diary Pt. 1

It's been several days since I've been back in the 808 and I must say, I am missing LA enormously.  Tim and I made the goal to move there, if the not by the end of next year, then the beginning of 2015.  I've been there once in '09 and then again for a business trip last summer and I've really come to appreciate everything that it stands for, especially it's cultural diversity.  Over the next week or so I will be uploading photos from the trip, but here are a few from the first couple of days. Some days I took my L120 and others, when I didn't feel like carrying a bulky camera, I used my S01.

On a side note, I only have three days left before my career with Macy's starts.  I'm so nervous, but excited at the same time!

Oahu coastline
 Santa Monica Beach Sunset
Home for a week
 The Wien food truck
  The most delicious hot dog 
 Waiting for the Warner Bros VIP tour
 WB water tower (*Fun fact: there's no longer any water in there because the owners were afraid that, if there was an earthquake, the water would flood the studios)
 Look for these in the movies
 The Big Bang Theory space pod "blueprint"
 The final product used in filming
Central Perk
 Dinner at Wolfgang Puck's at CityWalk

Friday, February 8, 2013

Acai and Sugar Cane

 It's probably evident from this post and my last one that I love acai bowls!  I would probably eat it everyday if I could...maybe.  Today's acai bowl was from the Health Bar at Diamond Head.  Tim and I have eaten here before, but had our acais to go because it was so busy.  Their to-go acai's come in a cup, making it hard to mix so having it in a bowl today was so much easier.  Needless to say it was delicious, but I still prefer Lanikai Juice.

Also this afternoon, I downloaded another book to my Kindle: Pride and Prejudice, which was free!  I've read it before for a class, but I think watching the movie first would have proved to be beneficial because I am thoroughly enjoying it now.  While reading I heard my mom pounding on something in the kitchen.  It just so happened to be sugar cane, which I've never tried; so I tried it.  My mom instructed me to bite on the root until the juice came out.  It tasted sweet, but it was so weird for me to be chewing on a root that only provided small drips of juice, so I decided I'd rather than have anymore.

I should really be making a list of things I need to pack for the trip...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Name change...again

A delicious acai sorbet bowl from Grylt 
Harajuku Crepes: strawberry and banana with ice cream crepe
Cloud that looks like a snow-covered mountain-a truck drove by while I was taking it...obvs

So I had another name change.  Seriously, I must have changed the name of this blog like 20x in the past week or so.  Anyway I am somewhat satisfied with what I have now so we'll just go with that.  My days have been pretty uneventful and I'm trying to live by the "Don't count the days, make the days count" philosophy, but it's so hard to make days count when I don't wanna spend any money.  Trying not to deplete my bank account before I leave for SF and LA, but I don't wanna not make the days count based on not being able to spend money...does that even make any sense?  Been wanting to picnic at the park, go running, or drive out to the north shore, but the weather's just been so sporadic lately, it's hard to tell when a heavy downpour is gonna happen.

Also, just got word of my training location for the Macy's EDP program and it's at my old store!  I will definitely be glad to work with familiar faces.  Still very nervous to start though, but in an excited kind of way.

Four more days till LA!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Stream of Consciousness

So I picked today, of all days, to change the format and title of my blog.  Not that it's a bad day to change things, I just didn't have any sort of outline or plan I wanted to go with so I went through numerous name changes, each time finding out that the title I picked was the name of a movie or other blog.  It probably took me about an hour before the simplest, yet most realistic title came to me, thus, my new blog name.  After looking back at posts I realized that most of them were about the random places I go to and eat at, and personal thoughts so it very much suits me.  I also recently read a post where a blogger was basically being sued for some photos she posted so I will stray away from that and use only my photos from now on.  I am not a great photographer, not even a good one, but these photos are mine and and since I normally delete photos on my memory card to make space, but mostly because I love to be organized (and why would I need photos on my blog and memory card) I can look back at them and try to remember what I was thinking about at the time the photo was taken.  This was mostly just a stream of consciousness, but I did go back and correct my grammar or it would have bothered me.  Anyway, Happy Saturday