Tuesday, September 25, 2012

But really tho'

Been having a lot of weird dreams lately.  One of them consisted of me killing a girl and having blood-drenched hair, which was really cool I guess.  I need to figure out whatever is triggering these dreams because it's making me rest really well and I like to reminisce on how awesome they were when I wake up in the morning. Haha.  Anyway this past weekend was a major rager.  Started Friday night off with dinner for a friend's bachelorette weekend, then took a taxi on over to Kakaako for Electric Palms.  Thank you to the taxi driver who dropped me off on the other end of the ampitheater and made me run across the entire parking lot.  Luckily I was drunk and didn't give a shit.  I actually had no intention of going to Electric Palms until the night before when girls started coming into the store to buy outfits for the event.  Then at closing, the manager put on killer music, and that was all it took to make me want to go.  The event ended early and I was probably only there for about an hour and a half, but it was so worth it.  I was kind of glad it ended early or else my legs would have probably fallen off.  I apologize for the blurry pictures.

The next day my friends and I went on a scavenger hunt for Joanne...it was super romantic and props to Shirley for coming up with the whole idea.  But nothing could prepare us for what was to come that night.  We had dinner then went to Fusions for the drag show and male revue.  I don't even know what to say 'bout that other than it was incredible!  I won't go into much detail or we might get into trouble for what went on, but lets just say I felt like a rock star the entire night.  If I could relive the weekend over and over I most definitely would.  Too bad my bank account doesn't allow for that.

So that's what went on with me.  Going to a yellowcard concert at the Republik tonight!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Style Icon: Elizabeth Olsen

Everyone is probably familiar with the Olsen twins: child stars turned fashion empire queens.  They design for their labels, The Row, Elizabeth and James, and Olsenboye (for JCP) and they are both definitely celebrities I look to for outfit inspirations.  Up until recently, they were the only Olsens anyone would ever talk about, but the lesser known Elizabeth Olsen has finally stepped out of their shadows.  I have yet to see a film that she's been in, but one thing that can't go unnoticed is her everyday style and red carpet glamor.  She is absolutely gorgeous and I find her style to be more wearable than the sometimes hobo, baggy styles of her famous older sisters.  Here are a few of my favorite looks:

via threadesque.blogspot.com
via ahlanlive.com
via fashion.gearlive.com
Via lizzieolsen.com
Via fashiontreatment.com
Via fashionologie.com
Via glamour.com

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Gonna try to write this really fast without skipping out on important details because I am short on time.  This past weekend was a major blasty blast filled with lots of (expensive) awesome food and great times.  Tim and I started the day eating Konos then headed back in for some Dole ice cream.  I don't normally like any other flavor ice cream besides vanilla, but when we drive that far, I absolutely have to make an exception.  While there we stopped man-made koi pond, which was incredibly gross.  It's sad to think that this is the only life these koi will ever know.  Might I also mention there was a dead on at the far end of the pond that was all white and dried out.  I wonder how often they clean that thing.  That night, over dinner, Tim and I started talking about getting spontaneous, however, that spontaneity was killed off when we found out the tattoo company was all booked for the night, and even if they weren't, I don't think I would have paid $300+ for a single line tattoo.

On Sunday my family, grandparents, and aunty and cousin had dinner at Makino Chaya, a Japanese seafood buffet.  I don't eat seafood, so instead of filling up on dinner, I saved a majority of my stomach for dessert.  Didn't get to bring my camera on this one, but I had lots of strawberry and banana crepes, tiramisu, and brownies.

I'm gonna end it here.  Have a great week everyone!

*Some of you may be wondering why I chose to revise this post...when I first wrote it I went on a rambling spree, but that's not how I want this blog, or my writing to be known for.  I guess I did it because I hadn't written a blog in about a week and felt I needed to get something out there, but something dawned on me while I was washing pots...better to have a quality post.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What's up with that!?

Feeling a bit uninspired as of late, thus the lack of posts.  I figured I'd make a change from my normal posting layout to try to get some creativity and inspiration in my life, so hopefully it works.   I can't even remember the last time I posted on here, and I'm much too lazy to open a new tab to check so whatevs.  I will try from now on though.  I think I mentioned before about being done with my Macy's internship so other new things that have been going on with me include the almost completion of my summer to do list.  I did everything except go hiking, that means, yes, I got a part-time job.  I am currently working in sales at American Apparel at Ala Moana.  It's a little redundant trying to sell clothes all day, but the staff is excellent and the employee perks aren't so bad either.  At least a lot of the customers are tourists so it's always fun to chat a little about their travels.  I also was offered a place in Macy's Executive Development Program, which starts in March 2013.  I can't lie, I'm super excited to begin this new chapter in my life.  I am also turning in my application to graduate tomorrow, yay!

The above are just photos I took from Saturday.  Tim and I started off our day at Puka Dog, or now as it's called Hula Dog, in Waikiki.  This little joint was on Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations when he visited Hawaii several years back.  Speaking of which, I am absolutely crushed that this is the last season of No Reservations.  Of all the reality shows on TV, his is probably the one I respect the most and I hope to get the chance to meet him some day.  Anyway, it was cool just to have visited one of the places he stopped at on his show.  I ordered a polish dog with pineapple and dijon and Tim got a polish dog with starfruit and lilikoi (sounds exotic, I know), which I didn't get a chance to try because he scarfed it down before I could even ask.  Needless to say, it was delicious and we're going back for sure.  Afterwards we walked the strip and met up with a few friends at the Okinawan festival at Kapiolani Park.  It was definitely crowded and the sun was unforgiving, but we had a lot of fun.

Whoa, I've written quite a lot; guess I miss this blog more than I thought.  Oh and my post title has nothing to do with anything I wrote, but it's just what I'm feeling at the moment.  Till next time:)