Thursday, May 31, 2012


 Before starting this entry I would like to say 'twas a disappointing loss for the Celtics yesterday.  It was, however, a great improvement from Monday's game and I'm hoping Rondo still has enough energy left after his godly performance.

Went to Kailua today to have an acai bowl, again, but before that we stopped at the Salvation Army store.  I found a beautiful vintage floral dress, but remembered I put myself on a buying ban.  Because it was cheap, and because he loves me, of course, Tim bought it for me:)  So my ban still continues!  I will probably use it in a future WIWT/OOTD post.  Afterwards we walked to Lanikai Juice where we had our acai bowls, which was delicious; much better than Jamba Juice.  They were also doing a story for Kau Kau magazine so there was a photographer taking pictures of some customers with their kids.  They were too cute!


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