Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yay for Beach Day!

Hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday!  It's only been a little over a week since the semester ended and I am already getting my days mixed up.  I kept thinking today was Monday...oh well.  I am sure it will all be put back into perspective once my full-time internship starts.  I am excited for it to start, but I am more excited to shop for work clothes!  In order to get my mind off of spending money, we have been trying to do free activities.  Yesterday me, Tim, and a friend drove out to KoOlina.  I haven't been out here to go to the lagoons since high school so it was nice to be back.  It is a beautiful beach and great for children because there are absolutely no waves.  I use to be able to scoop my hands in the wet sand and find hermit crabs easily, but unfortunately that wasn't the case yesterday.  There were a lot of friendly fish though.  Afterwards, we drove back into town to get a late lunch at Islands and watch the games.  Hooray for the Celtics!

Here are some photos from the beach!


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