Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hooray for Lychee Season!

 Spent the day on my home turf of Chinatown.  Funny to say I live here, but I never walk around the area.  The outfit I wore was breathable, but it was still incredibly hot.  I should have worn sunscreen, but I hate the smell.  I should fine one with a bearable scent...or none at all, if it exists.  I've been wondering whether I have skin cancer because I've been getting weird spots on my arms, but it may be my hypochondriacal (I still don't know if this is a word) tendencies again.  Does anyone know anything about skin cancer? 


My lychee picking

Pig feet...sounds appetizing...

Admiring the catfish tanks
Peeling ginger
Anyway, I especially went to the marketplace because it's lychee season and I'm tired of eating the lychee jellies from Don Quijote.  I want real fruit so I bought some and it's safe to say they were extremely meaty and delicious; much better than the substitute.  I may have to grab a whole bag next time.  Tim and I had pizza from Rosarina's on Maunakea afterwards.  Interestingly enough, throughout my childhood I have always passed here, but never stopped in.  Glad we did today because their food has tons of cheese, and everyone knows I love my cheese.

 Have a great rest of the weekend! More photos after the jump!

This frog must be on steroids!

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