Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Name change...again

A delicious acai sorbet bowl from Grylt 
Harajuku Crepes: strawberry and banana with ice cream crepe
Cloud that looks like a snow-covered mountain-a truck drove by while I was taking it...obvs

So I had another name change.  Seriously, I must have changed the name of this blog like 20x in the past week or so.  Anyway I am somewhat satisfied with what I have now so we'll just go with that.  My days have been pretty uneventful and I'm trying to live by the "Don't count the days, make the days count" philosophy, but it's so hard to make days count when I don't wanna spend any money.  Trying not to deplete my bank account before I leave for SF and LA, but I don't wanna not make the days count based on not being able to spend money...does that even make any sense?  Been wanting to picnic at the park, go running, or drive out to the north shore, but the weather's just been so sporadic lately, it's hard to tell when a heavy downpour is gonna happen.

Also, just got word of my training location for the Macy's EDP program and it's at my old store!  I will definitely be glad to work with familiar faces.  Still very nervous to start though, but in an excited kind of way.

Four more days till LA!

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