Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Stream of Consciousness

So I picked today, of all days, to change the format and title of my blog.  Not that it's a bad day to change things, I just didn't have any sort of outline or plan I wanted to go with so I went through numerous name changes, each time finding out that the title I picked was the name of a movie or other blog.  It probably took me about an hour before the simplest, yet most realistic title came to me, thus, my new blog name.  After looking back at posts I realized that most of them were about the random places I go to and eat at, and personal thoughts so it very much suits me.  I also recently read a post where a blogger was basically being sued for some photos she posted so I will stray away from that and use only my photos from now on.  I am not a great photographer, not even a good one, but these photos are mine and and since I normally delete photos on my memory card to make space, but mostly because I love to be organized (and why would I need photos on my blog and memory card) I can look back at them and try to remember what I was thinking about at the time the photo was taken.  This was mostly just a stream of consciousness, but I did go back and correct my grammar or it would have bothered me.  Anyway, Happy Saturday

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