Friday, November 2, 2012

Sing with me, just for today

Testing the panoramic setting on my phone.
 Yay it's finally Friday!  This might be my last full weekend off in awhile so tomorrow we're spending the day in Kailua.  Don't know if I mentioned this, but I accepted a supervisor position at the old Macy's I interned for during the summer.  It'll prepare me for my future executive position in March:)  Hopefully there isn't a conflict of interest with American Apparel.  I'm still waiting for a call for approval of that (keeping my fingers crossed).  Anyway, this past week wasn't so busy, but it should actually be busy.  Since I don't work at AA so much anymore, and start Macy's next Tuesday, I really should be using my free time to concentrate on my APDM portfolio, internship notebook, and presentation, but I'm not.  Hopefully I'll be inspired to do this sometime soon because deadlines are looming; instead I've been sitting around watching a lot of tv.  Anyway these are some photos of the past week.  Spent Monday playing tourist in Waikiki...that was super fun and the first time in a while that I've rocked in a rocking chair.  I've come to appreciate just sitting around and listening to my's so relaxing and takes me away from the busy worldYesterday we did some of the same and sat in the shade a Kapiolani park.  I wasn't able to really get any photos from Halloween because we stayed at one bar the whole night and I was feeling a little woozy. Hehe

So the weather people are saying it'll be hot and voggy tomorrow.  Wishing this doesn't affect my Saturday plans...

Open air lobby at the Moana Surfrider

Cute window display for a children's shop at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel

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