Sunday, October 28, 2012

High Low

Hi All and a Happy Halloween to you!  I forgot to thank Tim for all the photos in the last post.  I was on the bridal party and couldn't take any.  Last night Tim and I went to the annual Hallowbaloo in the Downtown arts district.  Unfortunately, a tsunami warning was issued after an earthquake in British Columbia (hope everyone's ok there) so the festivities ended early and we made our way to a bar more inland, but not that much more really.  We got to show off our costumes for a little under two hours before being evacuated so since our plans changed, we'll be making our way to Waikiki on Wednesday.  Totally forgot to take photos.  Last year we stopped at the Haunted Plantation before heading to Waikiki and I screamed so hard at the plantation that I ended up getting a migrane and having to go home really early.

Anyway, during the day Saturday we ate at Town, probably one of my favorite places to eat.  We don't really eat there that often because it's a pretty pricey lunch, but we will have to go for dinner soon.  Town's slogan is "Local first, organic when possible," and I forget the rest, but trust me, it's really good.  I always end up getting the Kuahiwi burger, the best burger I've ever had.  I'm one of those people who's afraid to venture from my regular foods until Tim gets something, I try it and like it, and get it the next time.  Hehe.

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