Friday, June 1, 2012

The NBA, Borrowing a Page From the Geek Book
 It is no secret that NBA players look smoking hot on the basketball in their jerseys with their smooth moves on the court.  Now, this swagger is making its way from the court to the street. This season many NBA players are becoming more fashion forward in their post game interviews and there is one trend that is dominating the rest: geek chic.  Perhaps they are borrowing a page from the geeks of The Big Bang Theory or hipster style and many others seem to be jumping on the bandwagon.  I myself have a few pairs, but they are prescription, I promise.  Anyway there is nothing hotter than a guy with geeky glasses and it's great to see the transition from the tough guy image on the court to a "hipster."  And it's not just the players that are bringing good to the NBA.  NBA reporter Craig Sagar may not be wearing the geeky glasses or considered geek chic, but his funky suits are definitely the highlight of his interviews, for me anyway so I added it in here.  A few years ago he was told by Garnett to burn his clothes (interview below), but I am glad he didn't listen.  It's great to see athletes don't just change into sweatpants after their games. *NBA photos from  For more photos of NBA stars in geeky glasses click here.

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