Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gas Guzzlers

Tim and I have been using gas like it's water for the past few days and with prices being sky high, it was probably not a good idea.  Also, today I had the intention to get reprints of my 120 film done, but totally forgot the negatives at my house on the way to Phototrends at Pearlridge.  Oh well, another excuse to head that way in the near future.  My day consisted of returns and no new buys so my credit cards are ecstatic.  Parts of the day included P&Ws, Waikele, and Pearlridge.  I am pooped, more so because the sun was so unforgiving today.

Also, tomorrow evening is the UH Manoa Revolution Fashion Show; the last one before I graduate.  So excited!  I did not help in any way this year (besides supporting the class through fundraising purchases), but it will be my last show as a UH student. 

*Written 4/28/12

P&W omelet, strawberries and cream waffle

Batman gauges

Reminded us of thneed from The Lorax

We hate traffic!