Sunday, March 3, 2013

Photo Diary: Adventures in San Fran Pt 1

So as promised, I am uploading photos from my trip.  These are from Ash Wednesday mass in Santa Monica and our first and partial second day in San Fran.  Flying to San Fran, it was our first time on Virgin America and I've got to say it's my favorite airline so far.  They had the cutest safety guideline presentation and best of all, Current TV, a network of documentaries.  Tim and I were so engrossed in the farming of tuna in Japan that we hadn't even noticed we were close to landing until we actually landed...that's a first.  While at the airport and on the Bart, I wondered why people kept looking at me, then I realized it's because I had ash on my forehead.

 Saint Monica Catholic Church, Santa Monica
The BART, only $8.25 to Union Sq, as a opposed to a $40 taxi
An organic food place for lunch 
The first Lomography store I've seen
One of the many flower stands
  Early Vday dinner
 The best prime rib ever!

 The obligatory restaurant photo
 I think I had eggs benedict almost everyday for breakfast
 First time on a cable car to get to the piers
 So cold we could see our breath 
 Friendly seagulls...
 And sea lions
 Telegraph Hill I
  Telegraph Hill II 

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