Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oh Well more school and being off for the past two days means more time for blogging...yay!  Actually I was sick and my boss told me to stay home yesterday, but nevertheless, I did not go to work so I consider it a day off.  Did some Christmas shopping today, but more like Christmas shopping as a favor for people that need gifts for other people.  Don't know how much sense that makes.  Anyway, over the past few weeks I'd like to say that I've discovered myself, moreso, my sense of style.  Because I read lots of fashion blogs (professional and not) I get inspired with what I should wear, however, most of the time that style isn't me; it's just what I was trying to be.  But I was trying to be something I'm not.  Working at American Apparel and trying to "dress hipster" was not what I did best.  So this is my new style: flat booties, skinnies, and a basic tank.  Doesn't sound very interesting, but it's what I feel most comfortable in and it's easy and edgy.  I understand the personal style evolves over the years, but I think, for the time being, I will stick with this.  It mostly looks like this (photo from

Alright, all this talk is making me bored so here are some photos from the past month.

1 - A holiday hula show at Ala Moana
2 - We are the In Crowd concert (12/4/12)
3 - Mayday Parade lead vocals with Tim (12/4/12)
4 - Birthday dessert from Alan Wong's Pineapple Room
5 - Soap suds turned to snow at Ala Moana
6 - Graduation dessert from Roy's Waikiki


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