Tuesday, November 20, 2012

You're from the seventies, but I'm a nineties bitch

So yesterday was my last day at American Apparel; I was very sad indeed, but there was a conflict of interest with Macy's so I had to do it since I will be with Macy's for at least a year.  I definitely hope to be back sometime in the future though, but for now I will just have to satisfy my cravings by shopping in the store.  It was probably the best job I had in retail, mostly because I was able to work with people around my age and I really like their clothes.  If you ever get recruited to work there, you should definitely take up the offer:)  So Tim and I celebrated with dinner at Giovanni Pastrami.  My margarita was almost as expensive as my dinner, so next time I think I'll just have water.

 Anyway, its crunch time for graduation and there's still so much to do: internship notebook, program portfolio, powerpoint and oral presentation.  I bought my cap and gown today and I wasn't really excited about it until the cashier said, "congratulations."  That's when it hit me.  I cannot wait to finally be done with school, but I've been in it for so long that I don't know how I'll take having a full time job, but that's life.  In my internship class last week we talked about where we might be in the next 30 years.  I really don't know what I'll be doing that far ahead, but I can say that once I finish my contract with Macy's I may move on to other things.  Who know what the future holds.

Here are some random photos from this past week:


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