Sunday, June 10, 2012

To Infinity and Beyond

 Hi Everyone!
This is my last post before my internship starts tomorrow so please excuse me if my updates are sporadic or non-existent, but I hope this is not the case.  I am very nervous about tomorrow, but also excited to begin the hours for my internship class.  Once this internship is over I will be that much closer to graduation.

On to a different topic...yesterday was me and Tim's 8th year anniversary.  It seriously doesn't seem that long, but I am thankful for every moment we share together.  We started the day in Kahuku at Giovanni's to have garlic shrimp.  I had a garlic hot dog with rice since I don't eat seafood, but it was delicious!  I love me some garlic.  We continued on Kam Hwy to Kaneohe and Kailua before finally heading back into town, but not without stopping for a few photos.  Other photos were taken while on the road, so I apologize for the lack of balance.  I had to delete a bunch because they were not so nice.


So in the case that I don't get on here as often as I'd like, I'd like to wish you all a fun-filled and safe summer!

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