Monday, May 7, 2012

Love, Rod

Thank you to everyone who has shown enough interest in this blog to click on links, or however you get to it.  You guys are great!  My goal was to make it about my life, but that can be a little boring to some, so I'll try to incorporate Hawaii shots for all of you international viewers:)

Today was short, but sweet.  I accompanied my mom to Geobunga, which is an orchid nursery/place to buy pots of all sizes for your plants.  I am currently unemployed, will be a full-time intern in the summer, and go galavanting (is that a word?) a lot so it was nice to spend some time with her; with this Sunday being Mother's Day and everything.  But I know our time on earth is not long and I will be moving out next year and seeing my family less so quality time with them is a must!


Tim and I also had lunch at Moanalua Gardens.  I hadn't been there in over 10 years, but it was nice to see that not much changed.  It brought back a lot of memories of playing with my mother's friends' daughters and made me nostalgic.  I think I get nostalgic for past times a lot.  I hadn't noticed, but I guess in recent years it has become a Japanese tourist spot (??).  Everyone was taking pictures hugging trees, but I have no idea what the significance of that was.  Tim said it was because it was a big tree, but I think there's something more to it than that.
Have a good one!
<3 Rod 

The tree everyone was hugging
Pond ducks

Ant feeding time

Taro patch

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