Saturday, May 5, 2012

Magic, The Avengers, and Mrs. Biters

Mmm Thor...le sigh
  Today Tim and I watched the Avengers 3D.  I don't watch superhero movies and the only one I've seen from the Avengers is Iron Man (not 2).  Also, the 3D glasses need to hook onto my regular glasses and are always coming off.  Previews before the movie that I'm excited to see included Chris Nolan's Dark Knight Rises and Prometheus; aliens and movies are always cool.  So as I was saying earlier, not really into superhero movies, but I must say, the Avengers was exhilarating!  Non-stop action and excitement, and Thor wasn't so bad to look at either (hehe).  I may have to watch Thor and Thor 2, serious eye candy!  I also have a thing for villains, ie. Cillian Murphy as Scarecrow, so Loki falls in the same category, for me anyway. The dialogue was greatly written and the humor was similar to that of Iron Man, (was it like this for all films leading up to this movie?), funny in the right places.  For those of you looking for a film with action, suspense, humor, and of course, aliens...this is your movie!  I thoroughly enjoyed it and will probably watch again.

Before watching the movie we stopped by Big City to have breakfast at the bar and watch the Magics-Pacers game.  Credit goes to the Magic for coming back and bringing it to overtime.  I really thought they were going to win, but I guess they couldn't keep up the intensity.  I feel like they're a team that doesn't sweat it, even if they're down, until there are a couple of minutes left.  Then, adrenaline starts pumping and they go into overdrive.  If they could imagine they had two minutes left for the entire game, they could win this series, even without Howard; but that's just my opinion.

The following are just random photos of what I wore (boring, I know) and a cat.  In Hawaii it's extremely hot so you won't see many people wearing layers, even a light scarf is overdoing it; but our weather is absolutely beautiful so I think that's a fair trade.  I will try to bring you photos of the island style shortly.  The cat is Tim's neighborhood cat whom I've nicknamed Mrs. Biters because one day I forgot she wasn't a dog, started petting her like one, and she bit me.  We've been on good terms since then.  I have learned not to cross the line.


Hope you're having a splendid day!