Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I must say it has been a pleasant past few days.  I finished my projects and presentations for the semester last week so the weekend was uneventful and relaxing.  Only two finals stand between me and the end of my second to the last semester of my undergraduate career!  I finally received my Urban Outfitters jewelry purchase (below).  The shipping was really quick actually, I am just impatient (and working on it); accessories bought with Juliet Simms as my inspiration.

I also attended the UH Manoa Senior Fashion show on Sunday.  It was a great experience and I'm glad my friends were able to enjoy it with me.  I enjoyed all the collections and am more aware of the design aesthetics of my fellow classmates.  Great job to the Fashion Production class on a great show!  Below is video of some of my favorites.  


I also went to Buffalo Wild Wings yesterday to watch some playoff games.  I am a big fan of NBA, college basketball not so much, more so when it is playoff season.  I wish players could play with the same intensity as the playoffs, but then what would we have to look forward to as the season comes to an end?  I guess I'll take that wish back.  Rooting for the Celtics, Thunder, Magic, and Knicks, and am indifferent to the Lakers-Nuggets series.  I guess I'll go with the Nuggets because they will be an easier opponent in the rare case that the Nuggets and Celtics go to the finals.  But that's wishful thinking.

In more important news, I was offered a summer internship with Macys YAY!, which I have been ecstatic about all day.  I know this experience will bring some much needed knowledge to my career in the retail industry and am very excited.

Enjoy your week and make every day count!