Thursday, May 3, 2012


Hi Everyone!

Tim and I tried a new place for lunch yesterday: Yogurstory.  The food looked and sounded really good, but there was flavor missing from our meals.  That probably meant they were healthy, but I would prefer to taste my food, even just a little.

Today I attended a few the APDM senior presentations so I knew what to expect when giving mines in the fall.  They were very informative and gave me great insight into what kind of work I will have to put in next semester...a lot.  Afterwards, we attempted to shop at TJ Maxx for their grand opening.  We had one way back when, but it didn't do so well.  I think with the financial crisis in 2008 and everyone trying to save money, this was the right time to bring this store back.  Ross and thrifting are doing well in the Hawaii market so they should do just fine.  There was a police officer directing traffic outside of the parking structure; this should have been a warning, but we went in anyway and found parking fairly easily.  Once inside the store it was mayhem.  Women were rushing past me from every direction and the line to purchase merchandise went around the entire store and out the door.  In the photo below there's a woman walking to the back of the line with her unpaid merchandise.  I was pleasantly surprised by the brands I saw.  Free People is definitely my favorite.  There was also Marc by Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Givenchy, and Fendi.  I have had the privilege to shop at the TJX stores in Massachusetts, but never saw these brands there.  Needless to say, there wasn't much space to look around and I was not prepared to try anything on and stand in that ridiculous line, so we left.  I will be back once the hype dies down and the other two stores in the Pearl City area open up.

The following are just some random shots from school and dessert after lunch (at La Palme D'or).

Last year it was just moss, now there are ferns!